Socialize and Memorialize

Protect your family, properties, money, and digital assets.
Publish your family tree and build a personal page that stands out.
Setup resolves to issues that may arise after you are deceased.
Publish your thoughts, designs, poems, art, ...
Share your secrets and dreams with trusted friends.
Memorialize a loved one who is already passed away.

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Get a page and socialize with friendsEasily create a FREE home page that can truly represent you and your social status. Build it to represent your stature, your life, and your legacy. Rest asure your sensitive data will remain in our system encrypted and safe.
Impress friends and people you loveIt's all about you! Create an everlasting impression of yourself. Personalize your page by uploading your individual images and videos. Create an impressive page using talented graphic designers' creations as backgrounds.
Manage your contentChange the look of your page, at any time, to make it stand out. Transform your page according to life changing events or special occasions. You may choose from our vast inventory of amazing display effects to capture the essence of the day. Better yet, you have complete control over the content you want to share with the world.
Initiate a mechanism that can save your lifeSetup your secure medical profile, include medical information you want to be available to medical professionals, and receive an "E card" which has your page address and directions on how to access your personal medical information. Keep the card with you at all times. Health care professionals can use your "E card" to access either on a mobile or tablet device your medical records in order to save your life.
Run goodwill campaignsSetup recurring good-will campaigns to support a cause both nationally and internationally, or help an individual who needs medical help or is in need. Designate a charity organization, a political organization, or a person of interest to receive generated income from your campaigns. These campaigns can run while you are alive but can also continue after you are passed away.
Publish announcements to your followersAnnounce upcoming social events, use it as a web log to record your ideas, feelings, or thoughts while being able to modify or delete the announcements at any time. Schedule announcements to be published long after you are gone. Your custodians can make announcements on your behalf after we have completed the verification process of your departure from this world.
Publish your lifetime achievementsPublish stories of your life, your hopes, your dreams, and accomplishments. Spice it up by uploading photos and videos with absolute control over the content and the manner of displaying. Choose from available libraries that contain a variety of displays to make your spotlights shine. Control displaying of your content by setting it in to private or protected mode in order to disallow the general public from viewing it.
Control the comments displayed on your pageYour visitors can make comments on your specific content, to give tributes about your life, or to have conversation over a subject matter you might have posted on your page. You can control, accept, or decline those comments or tributes before they get published on your page.
Share your secretsSend invites to anyone, and ask them to privately view your specific content within a limited time frame of your choosing when you are alive or even after you are passed away to reveal your secrets or wishes.

Having specific expiration times on your invites will allow you to stop the sharing of your content permanently.
Share your thoughts long after you are goneSchedule automated reminders, birthday notifications, congratulatory or informative messages, to be sent to family, friends, or business associates at a specified time while you are alive.
Protect your Family, Properties, and MoneySetup resolves to legal issues that may arise after you are passed away. Compile a list of people to receive your encrypted will. We will then notify your heirs, in a secure manner, as to where you have kept important documents. All your sensitive contents will be encrypted and secured within our system. We will allow the custodians of your account to contact your legal representatives, burial place, or clergyman after we have completed the verification process of your departure from this world.
Have a peace of mind for well kept secretsRest asure your sensitive data will remain in our system encrypted and safe. Once you setup your privacy choice on services that may contain sensative data, we make sure it will remain off access from general public. When you choose a strong password, we provide you extra security by preventing it from residing on your computer in it's raw format.
Memorialize people you loveCreate a FREE home page and memorialize a loved one who is already passed away. Follow instructions in Help page to setup an account in memory of a loved one.
Setup a virtual mausoleum for your remembranceCreate a virtual mausoleum with anyone of our available background models. Your page look will change automatically from the moment we verify that you are indead passed away.
Notify friends and family members of your passageSetup automated email, SMS, or personal concierge notifications for your family and friends to reduce their stress and grief when you depart from this world. We notify your friends and family members when your custodians inform us of your departure from this world. Take advantage of this service while you are alive and before it's too late.
Stay in touch with your family and friends long after your goneSchedule and share your thoughts with family, friends, or business associates through automated reminders, birthday notifications, advice letters, congratulatory or informative messages, to be sent at a specified time long after you have passed away.
Perpetually keep your home page upto date for everSend invites to trusted friends and family members asking them to take responsibility of becoming a custodian of your account, and to manage your page after you are gone. These custodians of your account will inform us of your passing which will automate your wishes. Each custodian can pass on their responsibility to future generations in ordet to maintain your page for ever.